After 39 years, GEC continues to reach new engineering goals in heavy duty, portable aircraft weight and balance equipment with the LPA400x. The new and improved LPA unit has a capacity 0 – 45,000 lbs. With a larger weighing area, and greater capacity, the product is versatile enough to weigh most any aircraft in your fleet. It’s physical weight and design of 45 lbs and low height of 1.5 inches, is designed with composite alloys to last longer in the field than any competitors similar models.

LPA400x – New and Improved Light Weight Portable Aircraft Weigher

Product Features

The accuracy is ±0.1%. The scales reads from 1 – 45,000 in 1 pound (or kilograms) increments.

The advanced features and special alloy of the LPA400x translate to:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Quicker weight and balance drills,
  • First time precise calculations, so the aircraft is returned to service more timely.

No need for entry ramps or bridges, so set-up and take down occurs timely more safely and efficiently, meaning greater revenue dollars and quicker aircraft deployments for our customers.  All GEC’s aircraft platforms and load-cell kits can easily be configured with secure wireless communication, our W&B software (configured aircraft specific), an iPad, tablet or mastermind hand- held device.

For USAF customers, we provide the iAWBS weighing DDform 365-2 on the iPad that’s directly uploadable into the USAF’s AWBS automated weight and balance system.

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