MD400/500 Portable Wheel Load Truck Scales

MD400/500 Portable Wheel Load Truck Scales

The MD400/500 is a portable truck scale that is ideal for quick weighing and transportation. The lightweight unit makes it easy to transport from truck to truck, or to multiple sites.

Accuracy, portability, and dependability:  This is the reputation the MD400/500 scales have earned over many years of highly demanding use in commercial truck weighing, cargo and heavy equipment weighing, law enforcement, and industrial applications.

Easy-to-read in all conditions:  The simple Vernier scale is clearly marked for good visibility.

Rugged:  Virtually indestructible and practically maintenance free.

Versatility:  The MD400 and 500 scales operate wherever needed - in rough environments and many unconventional and uneven surfaces such as dirt, gravel, tar, cement, and off-level surface areas. A low 20 degree ramp slope and non-skid bottom provide climbing ease.

Easy Setup: Weighing 40 lbs., the MD400 and 500 are easy to move from one truck to another and in and out from under truck tires. One man can carry and setup the scale using flexible scale handles.

Accuracy: With a remarkable repeatable accuracy of up to + or - 1% of the applied load or 50 pounds, these scales exceed all NIST Handbook 44 and NTEP requirements for Class IIII devices.

Temperature Compensation: These scales weigh dependably under any climate conditions. All critical parts are contained in a dust-proof enclosure.

AS9100 Certification

FAA Repair Station License (G2ER273J)

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