LPA400x – New and Improved Light Weight Portable Aircraft Weigher

Product Features

The accuracy is ±0.1%. The scales reads from 1 – 45,000 in 1 pound (or kilograms) increments.

The advanced features and special alloy of the LPA400x translate to:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Quicker weight and balance drills,
  • First time precise calculations, so the aircraft is returned to service more timely.

No need for entry ramps or bridges, so set-up and take down occurs timely more safely and efficiently, meaning greater revenue dollars and quicker aircraft deployments for our customers.  All GEC’s aircraft platforms and load-cell kits can easily be configured with secure wireless communication, our W&B software (configured aircraft specific), an iPad, tablet or mastermind hand- held device.

For USAF customers, we provide the iAWBS weighing DDform 365-2 on the iPad that’s directly uploadable into the USAF’s AWBS automated weight and balance system.

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