Truck Scales

General Electrodynamics Corporation takes pride in quality of the truck scales we offer. There are several different scales for many different weighing applications. Truck scales

Aircraft Scales For Sale - Auto Cal Press

Please call or email us for more information about this the auto cal press.

MD400/500 Portable Wheel Load Truck Scales

The MD400/500 is a portable truck scale that is ideal for quick weighing and transportation. The lightweight unit makes it easy to transport from truck to truck, or to multiple sites.

Portable Truck Axle Scales - MD700/1100/1200

The MD700/1100/1200 are portable truck axle scales used in heavy duty applications made of solid aluminum. The scale also makes use of our patented load cell design, which is wireless capable.

Truck Weighing Systems - MD400E/500E

The MD 400E/500E is a truck weighing systems  which have electronic wheels and is a fully self-contained truck scale. It uses an LCD display screen to clearly show weights regardless of the conditions. The Truck Weighing Systems are also capable of recording weights on uneven ground, such as gravel.

AS9100 Certification

FAA Repair Station License (G2ER273J)

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