General Electrodynamics Corporation has designed, built and supplied the most advanced Aircraft Scale Systems in the world.

GEC’s patented, advanced and innovative piezo-electric sensor design is the key to our unmatched accuracy and repeatability in the aircraft scales market.


World Class AN60Z –  The AN60z is the only fully-electronic, patented load cell design product of its type. Light weight and low profile design, nothing compares in the marketplace. It’s unique and improved design, bright OLED display, new wireless secure communication features, embedded antenna, low battery consumption and special alloy makeup, ranks it as the preferred choice of many customers.


Best All Around LPA400X –  The LPA400x features a low height of 1.5 inches, it is designed with composite alloys to outlast any competitors similar models. It’s physical weight of 45 lbs. and its improved features, translate to quicker weight and balance measurements and aircraft quickly returned to service. A breakthrough in engineering redesign, the LPA400x has a capacity of 0 – 45,000 lbs. The LPA400x weighing systems are accurate at ±0.1% of applied load and read in 1 lb. graduations.

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Ultra-Low Profile ULP410 –  The ULP410 is 1 inch in height, so no ramps are needed. It is lightweight, weighing only 23 lbs. and is easily transported to the weighing site. The ULP410 platforms have a capacity of up to 10,000 pounds each and have a guaranteed accuracy of +/- 0.1% of applied load.

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UAV Ultra-Low Profile ULP Lite – The ULP Lite features Ultra-Sensors, patented technology in each platform make the ULP Lite the lightest, most accurate UAV scale of it’s type in the world. Resolution can be configured to read in tenths (1/10) of a pound. At only .80 inches high, no ramps are needed and each platform weighs only 23 pounds so your weighing kit is easily deployed. The ULP Lite platforms have a capacity from 0 – 5,000 pounds with unmatched accuracy.

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General Electrodynamics Corporation offers several different models and types of aircraft weight and balance systems. From ultra-light and UAV aircraft to A380’s, our aircraft scales are engineered using the highest quality aircraft composite materials and advanced technologies available. GEC has designed and manufactured aircraft scales for over 40 years, continuing our focused investment in R&D of new product development and newer technologies. Our engineers focus on accuracy, durability and longevity in our design modeling goals.

All our systems are easily configured to communicate through secure wireless transmissions to our custom configured Windows 10 tablet that comes pre-loaded with our proprietary W&B software. Our team meticulously creates aircraft or vehicle specific profiles tailored to your exact weighing application.

When evaluating each aircraft weighing system, a few factors to consider are:

  • Safety
  • Accuracy & Repeatability
  • System Set-Up and Storage
  • Actual Weighing Interval
  • Capital Investment Needed
  • Cost of Jacks and Mule
  • FAA & CAA mandated aircraft weighing

Each product comes through a Full AS9100D Certified Quality System, manufacturing and testing processes. Our aircraft weighing systems are built to last, tested and certified at our Arlington Texas facility. Normally, the cost of a load cell kit is less expensive than a platform system. The annual cost of ownership for recalibration and maintenance must be factored into your investment criteria. GEC’s equipment is proven the most accurate, lightest and longest lasting heavy-duty portable systems in the world.

Let our weight and balance experts help you find the right solution for your aircraft weighing needs!

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