Government Products

General Electrodynamics Corporation not only manufactures portable aircraft scales and vehicle weight measurement devices, GEC manufacture’s DoD application specific equipment as well.  This is a sample of the many products we’ve designed, tested, repaired and delivered to our military customers over the last 50 years.  Our capabilities extend to full Mil-Spec, both CSI and non-CSI items, engineered to a Performance Specifications, Purchase Descriptions and other customer requirements.  Additionally, we perform complete Maintenance and Overhaul  (M&O) of weapon system components inside our Arlington Texas facility along-side our 35,000 sq. ft. production capabilities.

Our products portfolio consists of Flight Line Test Sets, Bench Test Sets for the CH-47, Radio Frequency Test Sets, Aircraft Health Monitoring Systems (HMS),Wireless  Fatigue Tracking, Tachometer Test Sets, ETSU’s, Automatic Flight Control Test Sets (AFCS), Integrated Lower Actuator Test Set, Actuators,  De-Icing System for the UH-60, Wireless, Portable Automatic Calibration Test Equipment (PATEC), Fuel Control Test Sets, Pilot Training Console, and more.

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