Electronic and Digital Truck Scales – MD400E/500E Truck Weighing Systems

Product Features

Accuracy, portability, and dependability – This is the reputation the MD400E and MD500E scales have earned over 50 years of highly demanding use in commercial truck weighing, cargo and heavy equipment weighing, law enforcement, military deployments and tough industrial applications.

Easy-to-read in all conditions – With a 16-character large, backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) you can read weight in varied lighting conditions.

Rugged – Virtually indestructible and practically maintenance free.

Versatility – The MD400E and 500E operate wherever needed – in rough environments, on many unconventional and uneven surfaces such as dirt, gravel, tar, cement, and off-level surface areas. A low 20 degree ramp slope and non-skid bottom provide ease of entry and exit of the scale.

Easy Setup – The MD400E;s and MD500E;s are easy to move from axle-to-axle and wheel to wheel. One man can easily carry,  setup and weigh using the flexible scale handles. Each scale uses commercially available disposable or rechargeable batteries.

Accuracy – With a remarkable repeatable accuracy of up to + or – 1% of the applied load or 50 pounds, (also available in 25 lbs and 10 lbs).  GEC scales exceed all NIST Handbook 44 and NTEP requirements for Class III devices.

Local/Total Function – You can connect as many as 30 scales by cable and display any individual scale weight as well as the total weight readings from any scale in the series. With the local/total feature, no need to go from side to side of the vehicle to record weights, the MD400E’s or MD500E’s do this for you totaling to a single scale.

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NTEP Approved