Weigh in Motion Systems – Truck WIM Scales

The GEC Weigh in Motion (WIM) system is available in two configurations, in ground or portable and both have several optional features.

In static mode, the WIM produces an accuracy of +/- 1.0 % or better while dynamic mode maintains an accuracy of +/- 2.0%. The system provides the gross weight and axle weights as well as vehicle ID and driver information. With the optional vehicle profiling feature, the system provides the vehicle length, width, and height as well as weight and center of balance of the weighed vehicle. The user can print the information or save the files in text format. The stored files can be transferred to other devices. The GEC WIM scales are available with a wireless option as well.


  • Quick & Easy setup with light weight levelers, ramps and scales.
  • Portable WIM indicator with printer and USB.
  • Static & Dynamic mode.
  • NTEP Certified Scale & Indicator.
  • Capacity up to 50,000 lbs. per axle.
  • Speed up to 6 mph.
  • Reporting includes axle weights, gross weight, Vehicle Id, Driver information and more
  • Accurate vehicle profiling, Center of balance, speed and vehicle dimension (L x W x H) – optional
  • IP67 rated components.
  • Wireless Capability – optional.







NTEP Certificates : Scales (MD700X-WIM) & Indicator (WI400X)