Weigh In Motion Vehicle Profiling System (WIM-VPS)

The Deployable Weighing and Cargo Profiling System (DWCPS) is a user-friendly, portable or fixed–in-ground, vehicle measuring and weighing system. The WIM-VPS consists of 3 major components: The Vehicle Profiling System (VPS), the Weigh in Motion Scale System, and the Smart Controller.

The Vehicle Profiling System (VPS) takes automatic and precise measurements of a moving vehicle, providing length, width, height, and speed using 3 lasers, and generates a 3D point cloud image of the vehicle profile. The (VPS) system is integrated with a light-weight, Weigh in Motion (WIM) scale system. The WIM scale system captures and stores the vehicle axle weights, gross weight and calculates the vehicle speed. Both the VPS and the WIM are integrated with a central Controller which processes the data and can interface with 3rd party user applications.

GEC proprietary software captures the data from both systems and calculates the Axle Weight, Gross Weight, Center of Balance, Cube, and Vehicle Dimensions and can automatically classifies the vehicle from a predefined data set.  It generates a simple, easy to read report which interfaces directly to TC-AIMS II,  iCODES or other load management and proprietary asset tracking systems.  The DWCPS is equipped with both a dynamic mode for weighing moving vehicles (weigh- in-motion) and a static mode for even higher accuracy measurement.  Other optional plug-in safety and security features available with the WIM-VPS include Infrared Heat Sensing (Thermographic), Asset Tracking/Asset Management, OCR Camera & Bar Code Reader, Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) & Facial Identify Capture.

Standard WIM-VPS Features Include:

  • 3D Point Cloud Image of Vehicle Profile with a Post Edit Feature
  • Static / Dynamic mode of Operation with WIM
  • Portable or Fixed Ground System
  • Easy setup and take down
  • Automatic Axle count, Axle weight, Gross weight & Center of Balance Computations
  • Automated Vehicle Classification
  • Output file configurable to integrate with higher level load planning software

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Certificate: MD700X-WIM