since 1955 General Electrodynamics Corporation has always taken pride in our quality ground vehicle scales.

GEC offers scale system solutions for any vehicle weighing application. This includes Hand Held Portable scales, Semi-Portable Axle Scales and Weighing-In-Motion Scale systems.


The GEC Weigh in Motion (WIM) system is available in two configurations, in ground or portable and both have several optional features.  In static mode, the WIM produces an accuracy of +/- 1.0 % or better while dynamic mode maintains an accuracy of +/- 2.0%. The system provides the gross weight and axle weights as well as vehicle ID and driver information. With the optional vehicle profiling feature, the system provides the vehicle length, width, and height as well as weight and center of balance of the weighed vehicle. The user can print the information or save the files in text format. The stored files can be transferred to other devices. The GEC WIM scales are available with a wireless option as well.

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Our portable truck scales are the most durable scales in the market and have a reputation of being virtually indestructible. GEC makes the most rugged, durable, reliable scales which is why our products are widely used all across the globe being trusted by law enforcement, government agencies, and militaries. Our patented design has a non-skid bottom to prevent any slipping that could come with weighing on uneven surfaces, including unconventional and uneven surfaces such as dirt, gravel, tar, cement, or asphalt. GEC’s portable scales have all these qualities while still exceeding NIST Handbook 44 and NTEP requirements for Class IV devices exemplifying their accuracy.