Product Features

Minimizes Downtime – You can connect the Brainweigh 2000 to any GEC digital load-cell of any capacity, you will have greater flexibility and less downtime – send only the individual load-cells for annual calibration or repair – not the entire kit.

Calibrated Load-Cells – GEC performs all calibrations at the load-cell and not at the instrument. This eliminates the need for color coded cables and connectors. With the GEC digitally calibrated load-cells, if a single cable or load cell is damaged, only the damaged components need be taken out of service for repair.

Analog to Digital Conversion – The Brainweigh 2000 transmits a strong digital signal instead of low-level analog signal like that of competing weighing systems.

Powerful Instrument – The GEC Brainweigh 2000 instrument is capable of handling 12 channels or load cell inputs. Analog-to-digital conversion is done at the individual load-cell so any channel on the instrument can be connected to any capacity GEC load-cell. Additional larger or smaller-capacity load-cells can be added without an additional instrument or cables. Simply connect the new load-cells to your existing cables and operate the system.

Small Dimensions – GEC provides the smallest load-cells on the market and they are perfect for either wing or axle jack weighing. The minature size load-cells, lighter and deeper ball cup allow for a more secure fit to the hard point of the aircraft, making the weighing process safer and easier. All equipment is housed in a protective case.

Internal Latitude Correction – The Brainweigh 2000 will apply the appropriate correction factor and display the corrected weight for any given latitude in order to provide accurate CG calculation.

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