Having a fully temperature compensated “shear web” design, GEC load cells have been proven to negate the side loads induced by aircraft jacking points, both wing and axle. Incorporating GEC’s patented design, the load cell’s digital output design also allows for a 10-point linearization for ultimate scale accuracy. During the calibration procedure, our load cells are digitally calibrated, in ten different points through out the capacity range, not just zero, full range and a midpoint as with some competitors.

GEC’s load cell capacities include 10,000, 25,000, 50,000 and 100,000 pounds, with .1% accuracy, repeatability and durability unmatched by any load cell in the industry.

The load introduction point or ball cup has now been improved; GEC has increased the radius and made the cup deeper for added safety and to further reduce the effects of side load. This feature has been incorporated in all GEC load cells to reduce the possibility of the aircraft jack point becoming separated from the load cell. Additionally, the ball cup is an integral part of the load cell and not pressed or threaded into the web, which can induce loading errors and aircraft weighing concerns.

Another new feature, the load cell stem has also been strengthen and is thicker than any introduction point offered in the market. The added thickness further reduces the risk of damage to aircraft by virtually eliminating the possibility of shearing at the load cell base. We control this through our own in-house engineering design, test and manufacturing capabilities.

GEC continues to lead with technology and innovation in aircraft Weight & Balance as evidence by our BRAINWEIGH 2013 and 39 years in the aircraft weighing industry.

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