GEC partnership with Lockheed Martin’s iAWBS has designed top of jack aircraft scales to interface with the Automated Weight and Balance System (AWBS) wirelessly.

These top of jack aircraft scales allow the capture of weights directly from the weighing system into the AWBS Form B Worksheet. This allows complete integration from the aircraft weighing to a desktop’s AWBS.

It also can be used as a stand alone to manually enter the data during the weighing. It allows the user to complete Form B during the weighing process with red and green indicators indicating whether the weighing is within the required tolerances while in the hangar.

Major features of AWBS include:

  • Enter up to 100 Weight Items into your Payload such as: Passengers, Baggage, Coolers, etc.
  • Ability to enter multiple Fuel Tanks for your specific aircraft (Only App on the market that does this).
  • The ‘Totals’ page displays the Weight and Balance of the aircraft on a large graph and all the major Weight and Balance statistics: Ramp Weight and CG; Takeoff Weight and CG; Landing Weight and CG; and Zero Fuel Weight and CG.
  • Includes Save and Load profiles for Payload, Fuel Tanks, and Aircraft Profile for different aircraft configurations.

Click here to get your own iAWBS Wireless iKit.