Platform Scales and Load Cell Calibration Services

GEC’s line of calibration presses are designed to calibrate both platform scales and top of the jack systems. The press has up to 100,000 lbs capacity and can hold force within ± 1 pound of desired load. Calibrate equipment with tight requirements of 0.1% accuracy using this press, with at least 4 times better accuracy. The completely automated system allows user to precisely apply the Calibration Force with a total uncertainty within 0.025% of the applied force. This precision is achieved using a high precision calibration grade loadcell, and a high resolution 24 bit indicator to precisely measure the output of the loadcell. The Press has a user-friendly Guided Calibration procedure, prompting the user throughout the entire process.

The closed loop control system provides force feedback to the servovalve to hold the force within a pound. An integrated position sensor located within the dual acting cylinder, precisely measures the position, and allows user to store home positions for various scales.

User-friendly Guided Calibration software, prompts user throughout the entire process. Allows you to store calibration files for each scale, generate, export and print calibration reports.


  • User Friendly guided calibration/verification
  • Dual closed loop force control to achieve 0.02% or better uncertainty
  • Connect multiple load cell standards with different capacities
  • User can select, save and retrieve multiple test load points for each equipment type.
  • Large Working surface allows to accommodate all scales from different manufacturers along with distribution plate stacks.
  • Completely Automated calibration of GEC scales / Top of Jack Load cell equipment.

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