Weight and Balance Services

On-Demand Aircraft Weighing Services

GEC prides itself on being a full service weight and balance solutions provider.  This includes our ability to provide you on-site/on-demand weighing solutions for all of your aircraft  needs.  Regardless of the time or location or if it’s fixed wing or rotary wing, GEC has the ability to weigh any aircraft – from the ultra-light to the largest wide-body at your location.

GEC has a staff of certified weight and balance technicians who can be at your facility with a certified weighing system in as little as 48 hours.  Depending on your needs, our team will either use our industry renowned low profile roll-on platform system or our world recognized BrainWeigh top-of-jack load cell system, whichever best meets your needs.

 GEC, the world-wide leader in Weight & Balance equipment, is available to solve your on-demand weighing needs.  As the only weight & balance equipment manufacturer with an FAA Repair Station license (G2ER273J) – who better for you to trust when you need an accurate and timely weight and balance performed?

We look forward to assisting you in returning your aircraft to service in a safe and expedient manner.

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