Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

To become the premier company for weight and balance products and services. GEC is committed to growth through the research and development of new technology and products, utilizing the highest standards of quality and service. GEC is and will be an engineering company driven to develop new ideas, solve problems and find improvements for the measuring of weight and balance through the use of technology and constant search for new applications and uses.

Purpose & Commitment

Our company is committed to building a work environment that promotes long-term growth and success.  We believe in being an authentic work environment, in being relentless in the pursuit of excellence, and in having an engaging spirit that looks for and brings out the best in people.

GEC Values

  • Authenticity – Engages in open, honest, authentic and skillful communication.  Protects the company’s values and our people in all situations.  Has the courage and skill to deal openly and directly with the source of the inevitable problems and conflicts that will occur.  Promotes an environment of trust by being vulnerable and open to personal improvement, providing and receiving constructive criticism.  Willingly and actively performs tasks and duties from the front, by example.  No gossip, back-stabbing, hidden agendas or bureaucracy.
  • Relentlessly Pursuing Perfection – Strives for continual perfection and improvement in communications, processes and systems.  Continually sets high expectations for themselves.  Sets an example of  “working on all things with all of one’s heart, mind, and spirit”.  Has a sense of urgency evidenced in action and creativity. Continually improves and establishes systems of Quality and Effectiveness.
  • Engaging Spirit – Respects and honors the opinions of others based upon the core principles of honesty and trust.  Filled with passion evidenced by energy, involvement, creative ideas, and by the way others are treated.  Work environment is fun and productive at the same time.  Continually and consistently displays an authentic, engaging, compassionate, and agreeable spirit of conduct that brings out the best in others.  Has a spirit of cooperation and servanthood to whoever seeks the company’s assistance.