Brainweigh Digital Load Cell Kit

DLI W-Loadcells (1 of 1)

The “smart indicator” calculates gross weight, center-of-gravity (CG) in inches or centimeters, and percent (MAC) and can print a weight ticket directly from the indicator.  The Brainweigh 2000 lets you connect to any GEC digital load-cell, no matter what the capacity, the Brainweigh recognizes the load cells connected.

Smaller size and higher capacity load cells have a deeper ball cup for a safer fit to the hard point of the aircraft than the competition. The digital load-cells are connected to the multi-functional “smart indicator” by cabling.  All equipment is housed in a protective case.

Brainweigh Wireless Load Cell Kit


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GEC has once again pioneered the latest innovation in aircraft weight and balance equipment. Relying on years of experience, and input from users throughout the world, the GEC wireless top-of-jack aircraft weighing system was developed, tested and now released to the aircraft weight and balance sector.

No longer does the user have to deal with cumbersome connecting cables in order to perform the weighing. Each load cell is provided with a small transmitter/receiver module, which communicates via RF to a remote hand held computer. The GEC copy write protected software allows the computer to control the load cell zero, and display the weights of the individual load cells as well as the lateral balance and center of gravity location in % MAC and inches for all aircraft types.

With reduced weighing set up time by 50% and no lengthy cables cluttering the area, the weighing site is now safer than ever. Load Cell rotation is now as simple as lifting the load cell and module from the jack and placing it in the next location. No troublesome cables to tangle or manipulate from location. Each load cell transmits its data and location, so there is no need to worry about which load cell is connected to which display channel. The weighing system is housed in a protective storage case.

Brainweigh Wireless Load Cell Kit with AWBS


GEC has partnered with Lockheed Martin and has designed this product to interface with the USAF’s Automated Weight and Balance System (AWBS) using GEC’s wireless aircraft weighing system(s).

The iAWBS software allows weight information to be captured and imported directly from the GEC’s weighing system into the AWBS Form B Worksheet. This allows complete integration from the aircraft weighing to AWBS.

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