Portable Axle Scales from GEC – MD700/1100/1200

Product Features

Three sizes and capacities from which to choose. Whether you choose the 7, 11, or 12 ft. version, you are choosing high-performance scales designed to withstand the rigors of routine and regulatory weighing.  The MD series is manufactured with only the highest quality materials resulting in consistent, high accuracy, repeatability, and longevity not found in similar scale systems. With a capacity up to 120,000 (split axle), GEC’s transportable, semi-portable axle scales can handle heavy vehicle weighing applications anywhere.

Solid Aluminum Weigh Bridges can take high volume weighing without fatigue or failure. They are made of solid, high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum – eliminating down-time caused by welded steel bridge failures.

Load Cell Design – GEC uses its patented Load Cell as well as it’s engineered fully electronic load cell to obtain greater accuracy with superior performance. Hermetically sealed, the load cells are moisture proof and provide pinpoint accuracy throughout a wide temperature range. Self leveling by design, the load cells counteract the effects of side loads due to surface irregularities.

Easy Setup – GEC semi-portables are proven as the most reliable and trouble free axle scales available. Easy Setup is assured because they are shipped fully assembled, and ready to use.

End Ramps – The GEC axle scales can be recessed in shallow pits for semi- permanent applications. Simply replace the entry/exit ramps with the box ends and install in the pit.

Transport Trailer – On person can install the axle scale system quickly using the tilt-bed transport trailer. Equipped with storage/tool box and an electric winch, the trailer makes unloading and loading the scales easy and safe.

Weight Indicator WI300 – This NTEP approved system reads multiple channels. It has an accumulate feature and can be configured for either split axle weighing and up to 200 truck in/out modes. The WI300 is self contained in a durable carry case and can be equipped with either an internal or external printer to print custom formatted weighing ticket forms that can be upload to your PC or other load management system. Digital remote scoreboard display available.

Wireless capability –  Allows you to not leave your vehicle or weighing station.  GEC’s wireless capability keeps track of all recorded data to ensure data is filed correctly while having the accessibility to store data on your own personal computer.  Simply send the data through an email or transfer through a flash drive and you save the hassle of excess paperwork.  Wireless capability also allows you to stay in a controlled climate while the Axle Scales read accurately regardless of Mother Nature.

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NTEP Approved