Aeroman, El Savador, S.A. Selects General Electrodynamics Corp. (GEC) AN60z, Highly Accurate, Aircraft Weighing System for a 3rd Time for Weight and Balance of all Boeing and Airbus aircraft

Aeroman, is an MRO Holdings Company and industry leader provides airframe heavy maintenance, modification and paint to some of the world’s top aircraft owners and operators.  It has one of the largest aviation maintenance campuses in the world with capacity to service over 35 aircraft simultaneously inside six hangars of up to 40 production lines for any narrow and wide-body aircraft.

Aeroman’s recent purchase of General Electrodynamics Corporation (GEC’s) high-capacity AN60z aircraft weighing system was underscored by adding to their two previous large purchases for GEC’s weighing systems.  Aeroman communicated their purchase decision was solely based on GEC’s excellent customer service and the superior reliability experienced with their current GEC scales. GEC’s calibration and re-certification falls under it’s Quality Management System (QMS) AS9100D, specifically applicable to Design, Manufacture, Test and Certification of Ground Support Equipment for Military, Commercial and Business Aerospace Markets.  GEC’s QMS is currently audited by Dekra annually for compliance and validity through April 2024.  GEC’s manufacturing and corporate offices are located in Arlington, Texas.  You can find more about General Electrodynamics Corporation’s line of highly accurate aircraft scales and it QMS certification @  or by email to