Batam Aero Technic, Selects GEC’s Highly Accurate, Portable Aircraft Weight and Balance System

PT Aero Technic, Batam Indonesia, purchases a second system from General Electrodynamics Corporation for GEC’s AN60z Wireless Aircraft Weighing System.  PT Batam’s Director of Maintenance states, “GEC’s aircraft weighing technology has proven to the best in the industry”. “We have owned GEC’s weighing equipment and other competitor’s equipment”. “For the last 12 years, we have… [Read More]

NorthState Aviation Purchases AN60z Wireless Aircraft Weighing System for their Customer’s B757 Interior Upgrades

NorthState Aviation, an MRO Holdings Company, and North Carolina industry staple, provides a broad range of heavy maintenance, components and customized aviation services.   NorthState’s major US airline customer mandated their 737-NG and 757-200’s & 300’s be weighed using platform scales, following the interior upgrades.  With heavy aircraft such the B757’s, entry and exit of the… [Read More]