NorthState Aviation Purchases AN60z Wireless Aircraft Weighing System for their Customer’s B757 Interior Upgrades

NorthState Aviation, an MRO Holdings Company, and North Carolina industry staple, provides a broad range of heavy maintenance, components and customized aviation services.   NorthState’s major US airline customer mandated their 737-NG and 757-200’s & 300’s be weighed using platform scales, following the interior upgrades.  With heavy aircraft such the B757’s, entry and exit of the scale using competitor’s shear sense technology, can cause loadcell overload/fatigue and premature failures leading to frequent re-weighs and shortened scale calibration cycles.  GEC’s piezo-sensor technology offers 4 times the milli-volt output resolution and 10x MTBF than shear-beam loadcells.

NorthState’s customer field tested GEC’s AN60’s over a 14-month period.  The mass properties engineering team performed detail weight comparisons across their fleet using GEC’s highly accurate AN60’s with piezo-sensor technology.  With scale readings in 1 pound graduations from 0 -70,000 lbs., they concluded GEC  AN60’s repeatability R(t) and accuracy exceeded all previous standards for aircraft weight and balance.   After 67 years, GEC’s brand and mark are continually recognized around the world as an industry leader of portable aircraft and ground vehicle scales.  For more information, email us at or call 1-800-551-6038.