Batam Aero Technic, Selects GEC’s Highly Accurate, Portable Aircraft Weight and Balance System

PT Aero Technic, Batam Indonesia, purchases a second system from General Electrodynamics Corporation for GEC’s AN60z Wireless Aircraft Weighing System.  PT Batam’s Director of Maintenance states, “GEC’s aircraft weighing technology has proven to the best in the industry”. “We have owned GEC’s weighing equipment and other competitor’s equipment”. “For the last 12 years, we have found GEC’s aircraft scales using their piezo-sensors technology, is still giving us repeatable results of +/- .1% with each weighing”.  “GEC’s scales are very stable and extremely accurate, something we value in aircraft weight and CG verification”.  Very seldom do we have re-weighs as we experienced with shear guage technologies.  PT Batam is an MRO Subsidiary of the Lion Air Group.  The company provides heavy aircraft maintenance, including C and D checks at it’s hub Batam Hang Nadim Airport. Batam Aero Technic conducts MRO work on aircraft from the Lion Group and Lion Group’s overseas affiliates was well as work from third party customers.  See more information on GEC’s line of aircraft scales at or call GEC at 1800-551-6038.