AIS Industrial Solution chooses GEC’s AN60Z Platform Scale System

AIS Industrial Solution

AIS first contacted General Electrodynamics Corporation (GEC) in 2018 inquiring about a high capacity, portable aircraft weighing system.  They were searching the marketplace for a reliable, extremely accurate wireless aircraft scale solution.  Considering all sources of supply and evaluating the differing technologies, they selected GEC’s 70,000 pound capacity AN60z’s using it’s highly accurate, patented piezo-sensor technology.  Mr. Victor Bai with AIS performed the technical evaluation and selected the AN60z over the competitor’s common, less reliable, shear beam load-cell technology.   Following the purchase decision, Mr. Bai was invited to see their product being manufactured at GEC’s Texas facility.  Following the facility tour and a ½ day overview on his new AN60z system, Mr. Bai decided to add a second system to his purchase order.  Today, AIS is heavily invested in the AN60z Platform Scale System to round out their narrow and wide body aircraft maintenance initiative.