The Basics of Portable Truck Scales

Trucks have to be weighed in a wide variety of industries, from shipping to construction. This wide range of needs has led to the creation several types of truck scales. Many of these scales are large and some are permanent. But, with a variety of choices, you don’t have to buy an expensive, permanent pit scale if you don’t need to! Likewise, there are applications where a large scale simply isn’t feasible.

Mining and construction firms are always on the move and a large unmovable scale wouldn’t work. But trucks still need to be weighed. The best solution is a scale that can be taken from job site to job site. Portable truck scales from GEC Scales will help you weigh trucks anywhere.
Portable truck scales are relatively light, making them easy to transport across the job site. Initial set up can be done in just an hour or so, and then you’re set to weigh. Any removable parts on a portable truck scale are designed for easy assembly so you can get to work faster.

You will find that the scales can be used on almost any surface, even uneven land. This eliminates the search for a perfectly level place to set the scale. They will also work on unstable surfaces such as gravel.

Portable truck scales are designed with their specific purpose in mind. They are rugged and will give you reliable service for years. Even though proper preventative maintenance must be performed, you don’t have to handle the scale like fine china. They are built tough like the rest of your gear. Sturdy cross members make the scale strong so it can survive weighing many trucks. With proper care, a portable scale will last just as long as a permanent scale.

GEC Scales has taken all the technology from permanent scales and put it into the portable scale. They are designed for easy use, eliminating expensive training. When you’re finished weighing, simply disassemble the portable truck scale and store it for its next use. The ease of portability and cost savings will make it a fantastic investment.

Pit type and concrete deck truck scales are being phased out over time in many instances. Why spend more for a permanent scale when you can purchase a scale that moves with your job site? If you ever decide that you’d like to make the scale a permanent fixture, some portable scales can be set up to be permanent.

A portable scale will ensure you have the best flexibility for your business. For businesses that already have a permanent scale, it may be worth investing in a portable scale as a backup. If your permanent scale ever fails, you will be able to operate.

The people of GEC Scales are experts in portable truck scales and will know exactly what kind of scale will best fit your needs. Click here to get your hands on one today!