General Electrodynamics Corporation Provides Aircraft Scale for FedEx

FedEx and GEC have been partners for many years. In early 2020, FedEx Express Tooling Manager, William Smith, requested a new aircraft scale system to weigh their MD11/10 aircraft at their LAX facility. This was a simple choice for FedEx as GEC’s reliable AN60-6 systems were already in place at numerous facilities across the U.S. FedEx selected GEC’s AN60Z Scale System for its highly accurate and patented piezo-sensor technology. We experienced delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but by September 2020 FedEx was ready to proceed. By December, the new AN60Z System was delivered to the FedEx LAX facility where it will provide many years of reliable service. Always a pleasure working with you, FedEx!

Learn more about the AN60Z here.