Why Are Portable Truck Weigh Scales Superior?

The weighing of trucks is necessary in many industries. This means there are many different adaptations of truck scales for many different scenarios and environments.  The traditional permanent truck scales take up a lot of space and are very costly. There are some weighing needs that are simply not able to support an expensive permanent scale. Work sites such as road construction and mining are always on the move and a permanent scale is not feasible but you still need to weigh your trucks. The ideal solution is a scale that you can take with you. Portable truck scales from GEC Scales will help you weigh trucks anywhere.

A portable scale means just that, truly portable. Portable truck scales are not heavy, making it easier to transport. Set up can be done in just a few minutes and the vehicle  is ready to weigh. A portable scale is designed rugged; it will survive multiple moves. While proper care should be taken to ensure safety, GEC portable scales are very resilient. It is like the rest of your equipment, built tough. Technology is  rapidly growing in every market, ensuring that the results are just as reliable as a permanent scale. They are easy to use, eliminating the need for specialized training.

After you are finished weighing, simply pick up the scale and take it with you to wherever it is needed next. Portable truck scales eliminate the need for costly construction of a permanent scale. Pit type and concrete deck truck scales are being phased out in some applications. Why spend more for a permanent scale when you can purchase a scale that moves with your job site?. Portable truck scales give you the ultimate flexibility. If you already have a permanent scale, it may be worth investing in a portable scale as a backup. GEC has been manufacturing truck scales for 35+ years and servicing our clients in the following industries: law enforcement, construction, waste management and OTR haulers.

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