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A new week brings a new opportunity to meet with our friends at Summit aviation for Aircraft Weight & Balance Certification. It is always a great pleasure and an honor to serve the team at Summit Aviation. So many of them are U.S. service veterans and each has a unique experience with an impressive story to tell.  Spending time with these technicians means feeling their commitment to quality and their drive to be the best in their field. It is our job to get them closer to meeting their objective.

This class of technicians began with learning the basics of aircraft weight & balance. We discussed terminology, concepts of center of gravity, the importance of weigh and its relationship to the CG then using the CG Range to confirm flight safety.  After some demonstration and group exercises, each technician completed the certification exam.

We concluded our certification with a practical exercise, where each team member had the opportunity to observe, handle, and set up their weight and balance equipment. This was intended to give each technician the skills and confidence to function as part of the team performing an aircraft weight & balance, to understand the theory of operation of the scales and load cells their team will use, and the absolute requirement for safety around the aircraft being weighed. It was a valuable learning experience and impressive to watch as they applied the knowledge they had acquired into real-world conditions.

At the end of our visit, each technician received a certificate to proudly display. It was obvious this experience was important to them. As Summit Aviation continues to grow and expand, we look forward to the opportunity to serve them again. As new technicians come onboard, GEC will be ready to equip them with the certifications their service requirements demand.  GEC is proud to support our customers and we are especially honored to serve our nation’s veterans. For more information on GEC’s products and services at