Terrafugia Chooses GEC’s Ulp410 Lite Wireless Aircraft Scale System for Flight Test Program


Terrafugia’s lead flight test engineer contacted GEC to determine the most accurate low profile, light aircraft scale system for their experimental and flight test “Transition Aircraft”, the future of personal transportation.

Glen Rowe stated, “the safety of flight has been and will always be, the first priority with our company, as it has been mine for the past 40 years in the aviation industry”. Terrafugia’s continued safety, reliability and success is highly dependent on the quality of the equipment we use and is why we evaluated all OEM aircraft weighing systems. GEC’s ULP410 Lite’s accuracy, .05 lb. increment, equipment life and standard calibration interval of 12 months or longer compared to a fully electronic shear-beam loadcell system, is why we chose GEC ‘s ULP410 Lite.

The accuracy and repeatability is unmatched by any other OEM in the world. GEC maintains an AS9100D Aerospace Quality Management Certification which represents the superiority of their products and company. Thank you GEC for working with Terrafugia in recommending your new GEC ULP410 System. They are the best! One vehicle, two modes of travel. The “Transition” brings the dream of the flying car to life. It seats two and converts from drive mode to flight mode in under a minute with just the push of a button. Eliminating the hassle of hangar storage, ground transportation, and aviation fuel, the Transition fuels up with automotive gas and can be stored in your home garage. To learn more go to www.terrafugia.com.