Weight & Balance Training for AAI Textron’s RQ-7 Team

RQ-7 Shadow UAV

Hunt Valley Maryland – Recently, General Electrodynamics Corporation (GEC) was contracted by AAI Textron to provide on-site aircraft weight & balance training and certification. The AAI experienced team of technicians is tasked with servicing and maintaining the RQ-7 Shadow UAVs.  Throughout the training, GEC’s host enlightened the group with a wealth of historical and anecdotal knowledge surrounding the development of this mission critical aerial platform.

After completing the classroom lectures and certification testing, the participants were divided into 2 teams. Each team conducted a practical hands-on weight & balance exercise utilizing the RQ-7.  The AAI group’s enthusiasm and encouragement revealed a sound commitment to their mutual goals and professional growth while reflecting a sound understanding of the mass properties associated with this aircraft.

Another unique mark in GEC’s history signifying its on-going investment in the aircraft weight and balance sector while gaining a glimpse into the minds and labs of AAI Textron.  After 63 years and having equipment in over 126 countries, GEC is still leading the industry in aircraft weighing equipment, ground vehicle weighing equipment and weight and balance training and other related services. Contact GEC at 1800-551-6038 or visit their web site at GECSCALES.COM for more information.