Certified Aircraft Weight & Balance Training

General Electrodynamics Corporation offers a variety of On-site Training classes to the Aerospace and Military Community.

Aircraft Weight & Balance:  References FAA-H-8083-1A and/or 1-1B-50:

This course takes the student from a basic understanding of aircraft weight and balance to advanced Weight and Balance principles and methods.  Class discusses differences between Weight and Balance methods, advantages/disadvantages of each, accuracy and safety factors.  Class can be tailored to any aircraft or helicopter type.  Military Technical Orders or Type Certificate Data Sheets will be discussed in detail and will include required Commercial forms or DD Form 365 series.

Automated Aircraft Weight & Balance Systems Software

This course teaches the required AWBS software for both the Military and DoD contractors.  This software automates the DD Form 365 series forms.  The class progresses from initial set-up to Chart A, Form B, Chart C, Form F, Scheduler, Master Charts A and Aircraft Modifications.  If the student utilizes an Automated Form F generator – the class will include instruction on its use.  Students will need to bring a laptop computer loaded with AWBS.  GEC does not provide AWBS software; a license can be obtained by visiting the AWBS website at here.

1.       On-site classes will be held at your location.

2.       Classes are quoted and class dates are based on a mutual agreement between the students and the instructor.

3.       Price is a flat fee for 10 or less students and includes all travel expenses for the instructor.

4.       Payment is due in full 14 days prior to the class dates.

5.       We request the classroom be provided with the following:

a)      Video Projector with screen

b)      Each student supplied with a computer/laptop loaded with AWBS

c)       An aircraft to weigh – to include weight and balance scales (GEC will provide scales for the class if the students pay for shipping to and from your facility)

6.       A “Certificate of Training” is issued after the student completion of the course and passing an end of course test.

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