GEC Delivers Weight & Balance Kits for the UAV RQ-7 Shadow Aircraft

General Electrodynamics Corporation (GEC) recently completed delivery, on-schedule, of over 250 kits to an unspecified customer for computing accurate weight and balance of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)  RQ-7 Shadow aircraft. GEC’s equipment was selected by the customer due to GEC’s piezoelectric sensor deployed in their scales. The US Army customer couldn’t achieve the needed accuracy with typical shear-beam technology as used by other aircraft scale manufactures. The system passed all first article and environmental testing. Each individual scale reads in one-tenth of 1 increment throughout the full range with an accuracy of .1%. A representative said, this is breakthrough technology GEC uses and we’ve never seen the accuracy and repeatability at such weight ranges. The kit contained 3 ultra-light low profile scales, 3 ramps, hand-held device, proprietary weight and balance software and transportable case. The customer plans to procure more kits in FY2015 & FY2016.

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