Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation Chooses General Electrodynamics Corporation’s (GEC) AN60z’s for G650 Program



G650 aircraft

Gulf Stream Aerospace Corporation, Savannah GA has chosen GEC’s AN60z’s highly accurate, portable aircraft weighing equipment for its G650 aircraft program. The AN60z is the most sophisticated, technologically advanced, aircraft scale in the world. It comes from over 50 years of proven experience in the engineering and design of portable aircraft weigh and balance scales. A few differences in why GEC’s AN60z was chosen over the competition:

Light Weight Design and Newer Technology; The AN60z with a capacity of 70,000 lbs., reads in 1 lb. graduation and physically weighs only 92 pounds. At 2.2 inches in overall height, the scale is designed from composite alloy material. The weight is displayed through a newer bright OLED versus LCD found in older aircraft scale designs.

Superior Accuracy used inside the AN60z includes its piezo-sensor technology, which is 4 times more resolution than shear beam load cells. With use, shear (bending beam) cells fatigue and become less accurate, require shorter scale calibration cycles (3 to 6 months), and is known to cause gross inconsistencies oftentimes requiring multiple re-weighs to obtain required repeatability. GEC’s system uses superior technology that converts force to pressure. Its sensors have an extremely high 10 mV/per Volt output signal providing greater resolution and accuracy than bending beam load cells outputting 2 mV/ per Volt.

GEC’s aircraft scales can be found in over 120 countries around the world where satisfied customers are performing light aircraft maintenance to large, full-scale MRO’s doing C & D checks on wide body aircraft. The AN60z is a “one fit” solution for all aircraft weighing and balance applications. For more information on GEC’s full line of air and ground vehicle scales, visit their website at or email them at

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