Why Are Portable Truck Weigh Scales Superior?

The weighing of trucks is necessary in many industries. This means there are many different adaptations of truck scales for many different scenarios and environments.  The traditional permanent truck scales take up a lot of space and are very costly. There are some weighing needs that are simply not able to support an expensive permanent… [Read More]

GEC’s Low Profile Scales Simplify Aircraft Weighing

Originally seen in Aviation Maintenance in December 2006 Weight. It’s a constant struggle! No, not your weight, aircraft weight. Each piece of equipment added, each piece of debris or trash fallen under the seat or floorboard adds to the overall weight and balance of an aircraft. Weighing aircraft is a precise science that requires proper… [Read More]

Aircraft Weighing on a Large Scale – Roll on Scales

This article appeared in the 2004 Farnborough Special of Aircraft Technology Engineering & Maintenance  All aircraft gain weight over time. In large aircraft especially, there are so many ‘nooks’ and ‘crannies’ where dirt, dust and moisture will be retained within the airframe. In addition, over the course of a number of years, service, repairs, repainting, interiors… [Read More]